Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Restaurant Review - Sheldrakes in Heswall, The Wirral

On Saturday night we visited Sheldrakes in Heswall on the Wirral.  On approach it looks a bit like a shack you would find in a small beach resort on the Med - a little shabby but with a great view over the water.  Almost everyone I know on the Wirral has been to Sheldrakes at some point - and they gave me some warnings before we went - the food is good, but don't be too ambitious.

It's fair to say that the sharing starters were really good.  We had mixed bruchetta with grilled peppers and mushrooms, and a fish platter.  This had some lovely prawns, fried salmon, calamari and smoked salmon.  Given they also give you a mound of focaccia and olives while you enjoy drinks before the meal, this was more than enough for five.

For the main course, I didn't pick so wisely (and clearly forgot the heed the above warning from friends).  I went for half lobster thermidor on red mullet bouillabaisse, which for £18.95 seemed ridiculously good value.  Don't be fooled - lobster yes, bouillabaise no.  I think what they gave me was a pasta sauce, masquerading as a fish stew (it even had a bit of pasta in it for added authenticity).  Now see the above warning and it all falls in to place.

The others had much more success - cod with a herb crust and trout with crab both got brilliant reviews, and they do some great homely chips.  Don't be upsold on the veg though - it's definitely not necessary, whatever they tell you.

Desserts are very good: an assiette of strawberry is actually icecream, mousse, (slightly rubbery) cheesecake and a meringue; chocolate tart with caramelised bananas was fab, as was the pistachio parfait. Also, just to make them extra good, mine was free because of the lobster pasta sauce thing.

I would go back, but more likely on an amazing sunny day to drink the wine and eat the non-ambitious (non lobster) food. For the website click here.

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