Saturday, 14 May 2011

Joe's Saturday Night Treats

 I let Joe loose in the kitchen tonight, and he conjured up an amazing spatchcock poussin treat.  I'm thinking of making him cook more this space....

chargrilled spatchcock poussin

Pan fried knobbly potatoes

a close up of the poussin

Joe's brilliant dinner - 
spatchcock poussin, salad and potatoes

A good lunch effort from the younger brother

Soft poached eggs with grilled black pudding and toasted oven bottom rolls

Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday treats came courtesy of Manjit's Kitchen.

Manjit's Kitchen sells takeaway homemade Punjabi food from her kitchen.  All the food is vegetarian, and the menu is limited, but it is really good.

I was concerned beforehand that the fiance, who is fairly disparaging about vegetarian food, wouldn't be too keen.  I was very wrong.  We have the onion bhajis, which  were lightly spiced, not as crispsy as most restaurants, but also not as greasy, so overall a win for Manjits.

We also had the Gajar Aloo Matar, a curry of potatoes, carrots and spinach which is excellent, as is the tarka daal. Cumin rice is nice with spice (ha!) as were the chapatis, and the meat was not missed at all.

onion bhajis
Gajar aloo matar
cumin rice

Tarka Daal

Jo eating out of the carton.  Ashamed.
The best chilli pickle ever.

Overall, it was a great meal.  Brilliant value for money, and I'd thoroughly recommend - vegetarian or carnivore.  Thumbs up.

PS.  Joe ate all the biscuits, so I missed out on dessert.  Epic fail.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Jo is out on the town and has left me home alone....without her to cook I am stuck with leftovers!!! I know, unbelievable!!....was pretty good though; stew, salad and a pitta.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday night dinner - Spiced italian beef stew with tagliatelle

Yesterday when chef Jo was cooking perfectly done River Cobbler, she also knoecked together this top drawer stew - not bad for a Monday!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Special Sunday Treats

Jo the Chef chopping away
  Vietnamese River Cobbler on a bed of chorizo lentils, followed by a banana and dark chocolate tart.
The fish

The tart

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