Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday afternoon - Liverpool

So, we have just got back from our day out in Liverpool and we are heading out for dinner soon so thought I'd get the pictures up now.....

It is Liverpool Gay Pride today so we went to the Albert Dock to check it out.  Lots of people in fantastic costumes having a great time - see the pictures!


We weren't expecting to see so much of our friends.  Say hello Paddy Poopants.

Jo and the man from "Scotland".  Unconvinced.

But he did love the Wirral.  Guess what's in here?

Joe's new squeeze.


Billy Fury

Jo and the lambanana.

The Liver Building

We also visited the Tate Gallery in the Albert Dock for the first time (shameful, I know). 

We only did the first couple of floors, but there are some very good sculpture exibitions - see the pictures below.

Jo the Borrower.

Joe and a big pile of plates.

Joe with Andy Warhol's finest.

No comment.
After Gay Pride and our dose of culture, we decided to visit a Spanish restaurant and deli for a spot of lunch. Lunya is situated in Liverpool One, and has a host of amazing deli treats - Iberico ham, smoked anchovies, chorizo...too many brilliant things for one day! 

As it was sunny, we decided to get some takeaway sandwiches and sit out doors - and although Joe's was a little pricey, they were really good.  Lunya is definitely worth a visit!


Carving the ham.  Yum.

Joe's Iberico ham sandwich.  At £5.25 it was a little pricey, but the ham was gorgeous.

Jo's chorizo, roquito peppers and rocket sandwich.  At £3.75 this was an absolute bargain, and possibly the best chorizo I have ever had.

After lunch, we went for drinks at the Hub near Liverpool One.  Tasty beers and wine and an organic Liverpool ale for just £2.90 a pint!

Shout out to Anna Duffy (our harshest critic) - lovely to see you in Liverpool! xx

Friday - Mum's homecooking on the Wirral

Yesterday we headed back to my home town - Hoylake on the Wirral - for a weekend with family and friends. I think Mum recongised that the food she made last night would be on the blog (I haven't see parsley garish on your food before mum??!) so she put on a brillant spread for us and Auntie Karen (thats not to say her food isn't always brilliant!). The FoodandBiscuits crew we shattered so had an early night while the sisters carried on partying until the early hours. We are heading to Liverpool Gay Pride today which should be a laugh - see all on the blog next time!

Quick word on my running training - ran from Hoylake to New Brighton and back this morning - 11 miles.

The spread
Meatballs (at Jo's request!)
Chorizo and potatoes
Chicken thighs
Home made gooseberry ice cream
Apple and blackberry crumble (blackberrys from Grandads garden)
I had this crumble and cream
And this - ice cream and chocolate! (lucky I did go for a run!)
Mum Sue xx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday - Turkey with Mexican spice rub, pitta and salad (plus marathon stuff)

In a fit of bravado I entered have the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2012. I was out with some friends this evening and they all think I am crazy! - I agree - there is no way I am going to run 26 miles. However,  I received my letter of acceptance from my chosen charity - Breast Cancer Care - so there is no getting out of it now. I have committed to a minimum of £500 sponsorship (ideally £1000) so I will be collecting from you!!!!
We are cracking on with the Abs Diet based dinner, and had very good Turkey with Mexican spice rub, pitta and salad - yum.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday - the healthy eating continues

Ok, we did have 4 biscuits after dinner this evening, but overall we have eaten pretty healthily today - lucky it hasn't been boring old rabbit food, but satisfying and tasty stuff......this is how my day went; 

It looked better in person! - museli, blueberries, blackberries, banana and low fat greek yogurt. Jo had something very similar!
We both had Quinoa salad with beetroot and saucisson
Joe - Scrambled egg with spinach (again!!)
Jo - Poached egg, beans and spinach
DLT's weekend steak
Work Jo's home grown onion!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday - The Start of the Abs Diet!!!

With my half marathon looming and the FoodandBiscuits massive on a bit of a health kick, I opened a book for the first time which I bought a good 3 years ago called 'The Abs Diet'. On further reading it doesn't look too difficult to follow so we have decided to give it a crack. 

I am not to fussed about rock hard abs, but it would be nice to lose some of the belly!!!

From a food point of a view it revolves around at least 2 of these things at 6 daily meals (including snacks);

1. Almonds and Other Nuts eaten with skins intact.
2. Beans and Other Legumes
3. Spinach and Other Green Vegetables
4. Dairy: Fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese
5. Instant Oatmeal: Unsweetened, unflavored
6. Eggs
7. Turkey and other lean meats. Lean steak, chicken, fish
8. Peanut Butter – All-natural, sugar-free.
9. Olive Oil
10. Whole-Grain Breads and Cereals
11. Extra-Protein Powder(Whey)
12. Raspberries and Other Berries

So, today I had meals in this order;
  • Scrambled eggs, spinach on a slice of wholemeal
  • A couple of spoons of peanut butter
  • Salad with a few slices of saucisson (not part of the diet but it has come over from Paris and I love it!)
  • 3 ritz crackers and Parisian Camembert (again not on the list but see above and picture below!)
  • Muesli with blue berries and low fat creme fresh
  • Mackerel with quinoa salad - this was dinner that Jo made - see pictures below (very light but full of flavour)

All in I don't think I have eaten too badly!! Ok, I haven't stuck to the diet to the letter but at least there are no Kit Kat Chunkys!! (my fav chocolate bar)

Monday - Healthy week planned

Starting with a lovely prawn stirfry in chinese broth!! 

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paris - The Final Chapter

Today was our last day in Paris, and after a really (surprisingly) easy trip home we are now back in Leeds. We rolled out of bed quite late for us and spent the day relaxing with the family before we left at 3.30pm - we both had a great few days and thanks to Sister Sally and Georges Ham for loaning us your lovely place.......

The family at lunch
The spread
Alexis Pig
Sister Sally
Georges Ham
The flight home and end of Paris 2011 - Joe and Jo x
Ps. These are the the food stuffs we returned with;

And this was our supper;
Scrambled eggs with spinach for Joe
Beans on toast with spinach and salad cream (Jo are you preggers!?) for Jo