Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Monday at Pinche Pinche - 9/10

On Monday the rather delightful team at Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton invited us to come and sample their new menu.  Pinche Pinche is owned by Simon Heath, Yorkshire born and bred but smitten by all things Mexican.  He spent a year living and working there and has made it his mission to open our eyes to the delights of Mexican street cuisine.

Now as you may have gathered, I love a good spice fest - the more scoville units the better as far as I'm concerned.  But Mexican food is about so much more than the chilli - its about balancing flavours of lime, coriander, oregano, cinnamon, and chilli of course, amongst many others, to really aliven your taste buds.  And if that hasn't already made you hungry, I promise the food at Pinche Pinche will.

As it was a menu launch, we tried a range of dishes to get a full flavour (boom boom) of the food on offer.  We were also treated to some lovely wine and some rather special tequilas.  That's the thing: the food at Pinche Pinche may be good but the drinks are pretty special.  They have the same number of tequilas and mezcal available as the average restaurant wine list, as well as specialist beers and tasty wine.

I won't take you through every dish, save to say that I really enjoyed them all.   Some were things that I would not ordinarily have picked out for myself, for example the duck fajitas, but I would be more than happy to eat them again.  I loved the guacamole, made with Haas avocados and an expert balance of seasoning to make the most of that beautiful fruit.  In my experience, guacamole can be lacklustre at best, and vile at worst, so if you have any doubts, this is the one to make you happy again. I was also very impressed with the ceviche (haddock in orange and lime juices with lots of coriander) while the beef tortilla put a proper smile on my face.

Joe's favourite was the duck fajitas (do not think Old El Paso - think citrus and coriander, served with piquante salsas), and he too was a big fan of the beef tortilla.  Overall, we were treated to some truly fantastic dishes, including some great desserts.  Pinche Pinche had restored my love of churros (light, crispy with some very nice caramel sauce).  We will definitely be going back.

Mushroom and blackbean
Those tasty beef tortillas
Mexican prawn cocktail (also very tasty!)
Joe's favourite - the duck fajitas
Pinche Pinche is also open from 8.30 and do some really cool breakfasts.  Joe and I will be popping in at some point soon for Mexican breakfast tacos and heuvos rancheros.
Me having one of those tasty tequilas
Joe also enjoying a sip (!) of tequila!
Me and our charming host, Simon.  Many thanks for the invite!

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