Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thursday - Chorizo, Roasted Pepper and Brie Tart

And lovely it was too! Apparently it looks very similar to one from a recent Jus Rol advert but it was all her own work!

Tomorrow we are going to Marlows Fish and Chip Restaurant in Roundhay to use a recent Living Social voucher that I bought - 2 mains and a bottle of wine....get in!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wednesday - Christmas - Bah Humbug!! and a Perfect Frittata

Well, not quite....this article arrived in Joe's inbox via the weekly email from Martins Money Tips and the content is something that we really agree with; in fact we have discussed this very thing ourselves and with Joe's mum (@mrs_ordinary) this week.

Don't get us wrong, we do love to give and receive presents, but sometimes it does feel like the whole presents thing becomes an obligation rather than a choice.  We don't want anyone to feel like they have to find us something, just because that's what everyone expects! (And please don't take this as some sort of affront to presents we've received in the past - we've got some brilliant things over the years - but also some...interesting things!)  As well as the whole economic hoo ha that everyone is facing, we're saving for a wedding this year, which does focus the mind, cash-wise.  So we just thought we'd put this out there, and see what other people think.  Answers on a postcard please!

Back to dinner...check out Jo's perfect frittata!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday Night Feast (Jo Girl)

So anytime I decide it's time for the fall back option of stir fry, Joe always manages to convince me to have some treats with it.  Usually it's limited to prawn crackers (surprisingly low in calories!) but for some reason we were quite giddy on the way home and extended the treats to prawn crackers AND spring rolls.  OMG.

Quite clearly I didn't make either of these treats: spring rolls are beyond me at 8pm on a Tuesday and I wouldn't even know where to start with prawn crackers.  However, the stir fries were all mine - egg fried noodles and veg and super spicy prawns.  Poor Joe, every week I seem to make a dish absolutely overloaded with fish sauce and chillis and tonight was no exception - most of the chillis were left uneaten.  WEAK!  It did taste pretty good though.

Oh...and to round off, and a very small homage to the biscuits part of our title...Foxes crinkles for dessert!

Super spicy prawns
Egg fried noodles
Co-op's spring rolls (I am slightly ashamed by this!)
And the prawn crackers!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday - Jo is back in the kitchen....thank god!

If you are confused about the title, check out my effort from last night here!....yuck!

Anyway, luckily for us Jo was back in the kitchen where she knocked up a quick pepper stuffed with chorizo, prawns and rice, and a soup for lunches this the same time!! - see dinner below;

Ps. over the past day or so Jo and I have been having a crisis of confidence in the blog - do we have enough content in our blog or are people getting bored of pictures of our dinner???......answers on a postcard.

The wine - we are way down on what we bought recently!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Night Oxtail - and a bit of a disaster

Joe decided a while ago that he wanted to try cooking oxtail.  After some searching, he finally found some at the Oakwood Farmers Market yesterday, and today set about making an oxtail stew.

After casseroling for a few hours at a low temperature with vegetables and stock, everything was going well.  Unfortunately, that coincided with the time that the accompanying potato gratin was also to go into the oven, at a much higher temperature.  In a slight cooking error, the oxtail stew also stayed in the oven and became a little...ehm...caramelised?!  Bless, after all his hard work it was a real shame.  We did give it a try, and the potato gratin was excellent, but the stew was a little overdone...oops!  Oh well, we'll do it better next time!

Searing the oxtail
The stew looking good - and check out the huge mushrooms.  Another treat from the Oakwood Farmers Market.
The stew post temperature surge....bien cuit!
Potato gratin - yum
Joe's plate - which definitely tasted better than it looked