Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wednesday - A Feast of Sushi at Yo Sushi

I am a big fan of sushi, and when the 40% off dishes off the conveyer belt offer comes around at Yo Sushi I am there!! Not on my own I hasten to add - my dining partner was my great friend and best man....Hunter Pig!!! I hadn't seen his little piggy eyes since December so it was great to catch up....we also put the initial plans for my stag do in place - the lucky few will be getting further details very soon.

Below are pictures of all the dishes we had - 16 in total I think which was pretty good going. I have no complaints about any of them and some were particularly delicious. I am lazy and can't be bothered remembering what they were all called, so hopefully the photographs speak a thousand words!!

Tuesday - Slow Cooked Chicken in a Tomato Sauce

Jo now has impressive butchery skills - even if she does say so herself! The whole chicken that we had was skillfully sliced and diced into 8 pieces plus 2 wings - great work!.

We love our slow cooker - I am not sure there are many better things in life than coming home after a long day in work to the smell of homely food wafting from the kitchen.....this time it was slow cooked chicken in a tomato sauce, with sliced potatoes on the side.....perfect!

The potatoes

The main event - apologies for the poor picture!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday - Again! Cauliflower Cheese

Wow, I can't believe it is Monday again! We have a couple of evening things on this week, so it was a nice simple supper of Cauliflower Cheese with some bacon on top....lovely. As I write this Jo is proclaiming from the kitchen how good her butchery skills are now....! Answers on a postcard.....

Cauliflower Cheese with bacon

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Steak and Ale Pudding

Joe has long been telling me about his fond memories of steak and kidney pudding as a child.  I can't recall having ever eaten it before - I'm not a huge fan of kidneys and I don't think my mother was ever into cooking with suet.  After some serious hinting falling on my deaf ears, Joe decided to take the bull by the horns and try making it for himself - although it was sans the kidney and a steak and ale version instead.

He did everything from scratch - the suet pastry, the steak and ale filling, and steamed it for hours in the slow cooker.  The end result was pretty impressive - it looks a little flat as the bowl was a bit large (damaged by gravity following the up turn) but everything was really quite tasty.  I may have even been converted to a pudding eater so well done Joe!
Steak and ale pudding
Steak and ale pudding - a close up with broccoli

Saturday Quick Eats and Carly's Wedding

On Saturday my lovely friend Carly (was Hancock, now Crossley) got married.  Sophie and I went to her ceremony in Cookridge, which was absolutely beautiful.  Carly made a stunning bride and her new husband, Adam, is a very lucky boy!

I brought Joe along to the evening reception at the Kyte Hotel, where we danced to many classics, including Meatloaf, Grease and Tom Jones - who wouldn't want to do that?! Everyone seemed to have a brilliant time and we wish many congratulations to Carly and Adam for their big day.

Food at home was a quick Pizza Express Sloppy Guiseppe - straight out of the oven and munched down - the perfect lining for an evening of drinks and dancing.

Blushing bride, husband and bridesmaids
Sloppy Guiseppe...mmmm..........