Sunday, 24 June 2012

A wet Wirral weekend

While Joe and I have lived in Leeds for a long time now, our homelands are always going to be the Wirral and Edinburgh.  Both have so much to offer and we're very lucky to come from such fantastic places. 

This weekend we were back on the Wirral to spend some time with Joe's mum and catch up with friends.  Next weekend is my birthday (eek...getting older than I am happy about!) so on Friday we dashed home for dinner at the Red Door in West Kirby (when I say dashed, I really mean it - getting changed in the car and everything!)  We have already reviewed the Red Door once so I won't go into lots of detail again, but suffice to say we had an absolutely brilliant night. 

On Friday, as well as showing the football (poor Greece), they had live band entertainment setting up a great atmosphere.  We were thoroughly looked after all night, enjoying a group table at the back of the stage, with copious food and wine.  Everyone enjoyed the food, and we tried a full spectrum of the menu - surf and turf, half a chicken, hanging kebabs, burgers, fried chicken and Caesar salad - an excellent effort I think!  All received good reviews, and although my Caesar was massive and slightly overdressed, I cannot complain when the prices are as reasonable as they are (about £8-13 for a main).  The drinks are easy going, with house wines coming in numbered bottles, and only two beers on draught but plenty by bottle.  We stayed away from the generous spirit menu (a lot of rums and tequilas) but these will be tried next time. 

Yes, the service might be a little keen (I could have done without being checked on every two minutes by the hostesses when we walked through the door) but it made for a very relaxed night.  No dashing for the bar, no pouring over over-complicated menus, it was just a very good night all round.  I have no doubt we will be back for more nights out in the future and would encourage others to do the same.

(from left) Shereef, Stephy, Jess, me, Joe, Al, Tappers and Sam
Tappers and Sam enjoying special fried chicken and the beef hanging kebab
Al, mid bite.  Blame Joe for the picture.  I took out all the other unfortunate ones!
Joe, munching on chicken a la Henry VIII
Chimp, who dropped in for a couple of drinks later on.  Lovely to see you!
The boys
Me and Al
The lovely Stephy and Shereef
After a super night out on Friday, Saturday was quality time with Sue.  Ever the optimists, and despite all the news stories about flooding across the north, we decided it would be a good idea to go walking around Ness Gardens.  On route thing were looking a little grey, and about 10 minutes after paying our entrance, the heavens opened.  Oh well, these things happen and we did make a valiant effort, walking around in fairly torrential rain for an hour and a half!  Ness Gardens is beautiful though with some great working gardens, and we will go back when its a bit less damp.

We returned home and forced Sue to watch Spain v France (me supporting Spain and Joe supporting France, usually fun, but a pretty miserable game!).  We were cheered up with a dinner of roast chicken with wedges, Mediterranean vegetables and foccacia courtesy of Church Farm in Caldy. 
Sue and Joe
Me and Sue - a few too many brollies for a June afternoon!
Sue and I trying to find our way out of the labyrinth
After a lazy morning, Sunday was a trip to John Lewis to put together our wedding gift list.  As well as freebie coffee and cake, we had a little bit too much fun with the zapper.  I've had to delete some of the more eccentric choices but I do love John Lewis (ever my parents' child).
Free lunch.  Crap coffee but good cake
Me enjoying my food a bit too much.  You'd think I'd be more graceful at this age
Joe obviously liked his lunch too - sorry about whiting out your head with the Liverpool sunshine!
The Liverpool skyline - check out the sunshine!