Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friday food - all the way from Paris!

When I woke up this morning with a head-ache after a night drinking lager and playing pool (I won 10-8 after being 3-7 down - get it!), I was dissapointed when it dawned on me that I hadn't taken a picture of the McChicken Sandwich that I threw down my neck, and Chef Jo did photograph her dinner, but her Nokia is no Iphone so the quality sucks.

So, I imagine my joy when I had an email from my sister in Paris entitled "OUR DINNER"!!! The pictures and words our theirs, and I want to give a special mention to Alexis Pig for preparing a lovely looking salad.

"'s the photos of the Moreno friday with friends dinner....the below food was washed down with some sort of wine (red) and finished with Etorki cheese and mini magnums. (served separately......).
Asian salad bowl with prawns, cucumber, cherry tomatoes,pineapple and fresh mint leaves complimented by a lime/ fish sauce/ chilli dressing and garnished with a flourish of crushed cashew nuts....carefully constructed by the budding chef Alexis Moreno ,who seems to have inherited the Rees male genetic streak of being a bit of a perfectionist in the kitchen (He then left us to eat while he went to a barbecue)
Followed by quietly poached salmon à la creme fraiche with three greens...leeks, broad beans and good old reliable peas.
Served with regular mashed potatoes, browned in the oven. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday - Late night fish finger sandwich

When I can home at 10.30pm, I was shocked to find out that Jo Chef had forgotten to take photos of the vegetarian curry that she had eaten. I had to do something so have posted photos of the fish finger sandwich that I constructed - is there a better late night treat?

Monday, 20 June 2011

It's only Monday Courgette Fritter night!! (with recipe)

On Saturday Kitchen the Russian chick chef mentioned that Courgette Fritters were tasty and straight forward to make, so Chef Jo decided to put then to the test....below the is the recipe and pictures; they tasted a bit like an onion baji!!

The recipe is a result of rumblings discontent about the lack of content on the blog (Anna Duffy), so Chef Jo has decided to add some that she has written herself, starting with this one. If you try it, then let us know how you got on!

For 2

1.5 courgettes
2 shallots
an oeuf
a tablespoon of flour
teaspoon of bicarb
chilli flakes
lemon zest
salt and pepper

1.  Grate or thinly slice the courgettes as you wish.  Make sure you discard the white spongy bit in the middle though and squeeze out as much moisture as you can.
2.  Thinly slice the shallots
3.  Beat the egg in a cup
4.  In a separate bowl, mix the flour, bicarb, chilli flakes, parmesan, lemon and salt and pepper.  Use as much or as little of the lemon, parmesan and chilli as you want, but season well as courgettes can be a little bland.
5.  Add the courgettes and onion and mix until coated in the flour, and then add enough egg to bind everything together.
6.  Heat a pan with some oil and then add tablespoons of the batter.  Cook for 2-3 minutes and then turn over.  They should be golden brown.
7.  If you have time, pop them in the oven for a minute or two before serving.

We had black pudding with it
With mint yoghurt and green salad

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday night - Whitby crab on crostini with salad

Post 10k brunch and drinks - Sunday

Successfully completed my first ever run of any sort at the Leeds 10k in a decent enough time of 46.20 and came 427/9000 people (admittedly some of the 'larger' entrants were not much competition!!). Chef Jo and I then headed into Roundhay for brunch and the sunday paper.

This bit/ review is from Chef Jo...."Joe did the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k today, his first sponsored run.  It seemed appropriate to refuel properly afterwards, so we ventured to Pera in Roundhay. Pera is an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant on Street Lane.  It is open from 9am til late, and does brunches, lunch and tapas in the evenings.

We both made the slightly obscure choice of the vegetarian stack with sausages.  The stack was a breakfast muffin with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, hash browns and poaches eggs with a balsamic glaze.  It was really good, with perfect poached eggs (which is good for me as the only eggs I will eat are poached and must have runny yolks!).  We probably didn't need the sausages but they were a nice addition anyway.

Afterwards we headed over the road to the Deer Park to read the papers and have a celebratory bloody mary - Joe did the 10k in 46 minutes do I'm very proud!

Trying my top on for size - no safety pins so put badges in good use!

I did my usual trick of forgetting to take a picture before I dig into the food - very good it was too.
Hash browns that they forgot to serve, which came half way through eating!
The bill
Excellent Bloody Mary from the Deer Park