Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saturday - Part One - Sweetpea 9/10

After a Friday night out in the pub (Joe) and dancing (me) it was something of an effort to persuade Joe to get up and make the most of his weekend on the Wirral.  I do have one trick though, and that is bribery with food, which proves rather successful.

Following a stop off at the West Kirby Concourse for a Saturday morning swim, we headed to The Sweetpea Cafe in Acacia Grove in West Kirby for some lunch.  Sweetpea is a gorgeous little cafe with a properly home grown feel.  West Kirby is full of little cafes doing lunch and drinks: it is great to see them thriving when everyone is telling us things are so bad, and I couldn't be more pleased for Sweetpea as it is a total treat. 

After our food-free indulgences on Friday night we were both feeling like some healthy food was in order and this place really does cater for your needs.  It does a range of breakfasts, sandwiches, and more substantial foods.  This is a place where you can just order coffee and cake, cheese on toast, lamb koftas or beans and chorizo stew.  They really do cover all bases.

We opted for a Greek salad, falafels and some chips (ha!  to undo all the good work at the pool).  The Greek salad was full of pungent tomatoes, sweet red onions, cucumber, black olives and a delicious feta in a dressing.  It also came with a little dish of humous and flat breads.  A Greek salad is all about the ingredients and it was really nice to get something that was so flavourful.  The falafels were served on salad and flat bread with humous and sweet chilli.  The falafels were really good - light, spiced and a nice texture.  And well, who can complain about a good chip?

Overall it was a great lunch, accompanied by tasty coffees (they also do a good flat white!) tea and a hot chocolate.  Sweetpea is a great cafe to while away some hours eating good food, drinking good drinks, and eating the papers.  Thoroughly recommended. 

You even get water in a fancy bottle.
Falafel on salad and flat bread
Greek salad
Chips, yum

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