Friday, 19 August 2011

Wednesday was London Town!

It is the week of the Barcroft Maier wedding, so it was Wednesday in London for us then a night in the Hilton Stansted followed by a super early flight to Memmingem to join the friends and family. The wedding day is on Saturday so pictures to follow.

I am using a German laptop for this so there may be some gramatical issues! It is also not a macbook!! Oh well, will crack on and see how it goes...

We got into London at 12ish and had to be on the train to the Hilton at 7pm ish so we decided to walk along the Thames, from the Tower of London to Westminster and the Houses of Parliment.....
A monument

The war memorial
Jo at the Tower of London

Joe with a knight

The sphinx in London - there would have been a proper picture but some brat wouldn't get off it.

The busiest tourist trap in London

And Parliament itself.  No sign of DC or Boris though, sad days

Joe at London Bridge.  I don't think this photos are sequential!
We then headed to a noodle restaurant that was recommened in Time Out was a few mins walk from Covent Garden tube called Cafe De Hong Kong....It was excellent even though we didn't understand half of the menu!  But it was busy, the food was really fresh and well worth a visit - opposite Leicester Sq tube stop.

Hawker soup with beef satay and vermicelli

Joe slurping his udon
First taste of the satay - yum

udon with prawn dumplings and wantons
Dim sum sui mai

Tiger beer
Joe's finished bowl - an incredible appetite!

Then was then on to the Owl and Pusszcat in Shoreditch to meet a good friend of ours, Motto, who moved to London last year. It was really good to catch up and she gave us 2 two awesome engagement gifts of Hummingbird cup cakes!
Jo and Motto

We then got on the train to the Hilton at 8pm and had a dinner of cup cakes!!! Not the healthiest dinner ever but we didnt want to pay for the expensive and rubbish hotel food. Here they are..

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