Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wednesday - Review Fuji Hiro - Leeds

On Wednesday night Joe and I met Hunter Pig for dinner at Fuji Hiro.  Fuji Hiro is one of Leeds' secret delights - a tiny cafe selling brilliant Japanese food.  The tables are Formica, the room is pretty stark, and the menu is small, but the food does not let you down.

They have a deal where you get any side and main course plus a bottle of beer for £14.95.  Perhaps not the cheapest deal in town, it is good value for the quality of food on offer. 

We went for gyoza dumplings (prawn for Joe and I and beef for Hunter Pig) which are meaty and flavoursome.  Gyoza pastry is thicker than sui mei so the dumplings are much more filling, and really satisfying.

For mains I went for the spicy yaki soba (spicy fried noodles with chicken, prawns and vegetables) and the boys both had chili chicken men (noodles topped with chicken in a spicy curry sauce).  The portions are massive, so while not super cheap, you do get your money's worth.  My only (small) grumble is that I always want to up the vegetable-to-noodle ratio when I have noodles but that won't stop me going back again.

When the weather is crap and you need some spicy food, you could definitely do worse than popping into Fuji Hiro.

Asahi Japanese lager
Me and Hunter Pig.  Oink oink.
Fuji Hiro's press accolades
Tools of the trade
Prawn gyoza
Gyoza dipping sauce
Chili chicken men
Spicy yaki soba

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