Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Turkey Milanese with home made potato wedges

So, I knew Jo was out for a few post work drinks this evening so I had been thinking about what dinner delights I could have without the healthy police in the building (only kidding PC Barcroft ;o)).

What would I have? Take away pizza? Fish and Chips? Charcos Chicken!!? With payday not until tomorrow I had to make it myself but it had to be fried!!....I decided on Turkey Milanese (escalopes) with home made potato wedges and a side salad.....the turkey was shallow fried in a small amount of rapeseed oil so not as bad for me as I was hoping!

Also, I have two confessions that are a result of this blog;
a - because some breadcrumbs fell off the first plate I used and made it look unsightly I changed for a clean one.
b - the plate shows one piece of turkey and I actually had 2 - Fatty Joe!!
Clean plate with one escalope - the poor lighting makes the chips look burnt but they weren't!

Ketchup I bought on a whim - nothing special!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday - chilli prawns with noodle stir-fry

Noodle stir fry
Chilli Prawns
Not the traditional Chinese condiments but gotta love Mr Vikkis!! (click here for website)
This is how I keep busy in the office. The head of a pineapple on a jug that I have drawn a face on....I found it funny!!
With his friend the Plant Pot Pig

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday - Pasta Sombreros and cakes

On a whim a couple of weeks ago I bought these Il Pozzo del Re Sombrerini pasta hats from an excellent deli in Leeds called Millies (click here for website) because they looked so cool!! They were a little expensive but well worth it I think....

So, after some debate we decided on filling them with ricotta, lemon and spinach with a tomato sauce. The results are below!
Chef Jo also put her hangover Sunday to good use by making banana muffins and chocolate chip cupcakes.

Saturday Dinner Party - Robin & Gemma's Raclette

Well, we have both woken up today with disappointing hangovers (again for me), but had an excellent night at Robin and Gemma's. My plan was to go for a long(ish) run but it is a way to hot so I think lying in the sun is a much better idea! 
But the sore head was well worth it as we enjoyed a night of raclette (click here for info) and fine wines with the hosts and Cath and Paul. 

On the way in the taxi - Jo looking very pretty with her new hair cut!
The canapes
The raclette grill with the treats ready to go including, squid, beef, chicken, tuna various veg, and of course cheese!
Home made bread stuffed with cheese and meat with the side salad
Action shot!
The chef and host number one
Host number 2
Puddings - Lemon tart and chocolate moose (new info: Jo has just been in a fit of laughter as I understand that this isn't the right spelling of mousse - that is definitely not a big beast with antlers!!)
Some of the drinks I drank way too much of
The DJ choosing music to fit the sophisticated mood