Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friday Night Takeaway from Rice

Earlier this week, Joe received the following text from his mum (who has obviously been reading the blog!)

"Hi darlin, have just put £20 in ur acc. Plz get nice 
btl vino an flowers. Happy anniversary! Lv 2 u both xx"

That was very lovely of her, but in true FoodandBiscuits style we spent the money on a takeaway from Rice in Roundhay instead!  It is interesting timing given the new study being discussed on the breakfast news this morning, which apparently shows that Indian and Chinese takeaways are super bad for you.  The story seems to be pretty inflammatory, given they surveyed only 200 restaurants out of about 12,000 and only looked at chicken tikka masalla, which isn't very nice anyway!  Sorry, rant over...back to the food...

We have been going to Rice for a couple of years now, and it doesn't let us down.  We decided not to be too glutinous and swapped starters for poppadoms and dips which were pretty good (although I think it is difficult to get a poppadom wrong).

We then had Chicken Achari which is from northern Bangladesh and made with a pickle masalla, green chillis and coriander and was pretty yummy. Joe's choice was Bengali Lamb which is made with cloves, green chillis, cumin, black pepper and coriander.  Although the menu describes it as fairly hot, we asked them to make it spicy.  It was nice, but it definitely could have been hotter!

All in it was a pretty good Friday night treat!
Poppadoms and dips
A close up of the dips
Achari Chicken
Bengali Lamb

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