Friday, 30 December 2011

A Rainy Thursday in Edinburgh - Eteaket and Fajitas!

Invariably when Joe and I come up to Edinburgh most our time is spent eating and drinking.  It's good for us that Edinburgh has an abundance of cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants to while away your time - especially when it's freezing, blowing a gale and pouring with rain all at the same time!

On Thursday we had a meeting organised with our wedding planner, Leila, followed by a spot of shopping in town.  We also stopped in for some lunch at Eteaket, a tea boutique and cafe on Frederick Street (pronounced "etiquette" apparently).  It's a cute little cafe with bright pink walls and dozens of teas to try, as well as a nice lunch selection.  It was super busy, even at almost 3pm on a Thursday, so the Edinburgh locals clearly know a good thing!

There are a huge numbers of teas available, categorised into black teas, green teas, oolongs, white teas, herbal etc.  Each comes with a short description and then it is up to you to pick something you fancy.  Joe went for Bollywood Dreams Chai which smelt just like Christmas, while I picked Yellow Gold Oolong (supposed to make you feel a million dollars!).  Really interesting, tasty, and I'll definitely be expanding our tea repertoire. We also had lunch - a feta, sundried tomato and olive ciabatta for Joe and tomato and basil soup for me.  Very nice. 
Bollywood Dreams Chai
Feta, sun-dried tomato and olive ciabatta
tomato and basil soup
Eteaket - a great find
After some more shopping (aka battling people in John Lewis), we headed back to my mum and dad's for some relaxation and some dinner.  I usually insist on cooking for everyone at least once while I'm up and this time decided to have a fajita fiesta!  Arriba!  Home made spiced chicken and peppers, guacamole, tomato salsa, and some tasty jalapenos and cheese on the side - spicy and perfect for a winter evening!  Joe, my dad and I then stayed up for a while, drinking and having a giggle, so all in a great night.
Chicken and pepper fajitas
home made guacamole
tomato salsa
An almost rolled fajita (Joe's effort is much better than mine - I always drop the filling!)

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