Sunday, 5 June 2011

Saturday Camping Trip!!!! (with food pic's obviously)

By some amazing jedi mind trick, Joe persuaded me to go camping this weekend.  We went to near Kirkby Overblow, which was a lovely little escape from the city!

He did con me with stories of brilliant weather, and it was bloody freezing, but fun all the same.  And only we would go camping and then decide to make pasta and sauce from scratch on a one-burner stove.  Chaotic but a good laugh!

Beef sandwich from the Star and Garter - see below

Prawn marie rose - makes me think of Christmas!
It was pretty chilly so quite a lot of our time was spent in the pub eavesdropping on some great local chat.

The results of the jedi mind trick

This pub was closed :(

Cooking on a one-hob burner is hard enough - let alone when ours was broken!
But a kind fellow camper lent us his and Joe cooked up quite a treat!
Pasta with Blue Pig Company bacon, spinach and mushrooms.  Yum!
Retreating to another pub....(I took this photo as Jo thought I had poured the wine unfairly!)
A totally anti-camping dessert treat - chocolate fondue! Amazing marshmallows and brownies. 

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