Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday Night Thai Treats!

Courtesy of Groupon we went to Thai Erawan (www.thai-erawan.co.uk) in Roundhay tonight.
Thai Erawan is one of my favourite places in Leeds - it's a very local, no frills Thai restaurant with tasty food and good service.  Although some of the stir fry dishes can err on the milder side, the food is fab and worth a trip out of the city centre for.

Mmmm...thai crackers

Spicy Yum salad and fish cakes to start - a bit eager and forgot to take the photo!

Pad Mamuang Him Ma Pran (chicken with chilli, oion and cashew nuts) - nice but needed more spice!

Pad Kee Mao (noodles with beef, bamboo, chilli and basil).  Def the best part of the meal!

All finished...fatties.

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