Monday, 20 June 2011

It's only Monday Courgette Fritter night!! (with recipe)

On Saturday Kitchen the Russian chick chef mentioned that Courgette Fritters were tasty and straight forward to make, so Chef Jo decided to put then to the test....below the is the recipe and pictures; they tasted a bit like an onion baji!!

The recipe is a result of rumblings discontent about the lack of content on the blog (Anna Duffy), so Chef Jo has decided to add some that she has written herself, starting with this one. If you try it, then let us know how you got on!

For 2

1.5 courgettes
2 shallots
an oeuf
a tablespoon of flour
teaspoon of bicarb
chilli flakes
lemon zest
salt and pepper

1.  Grate or thinly slice the courgettes as you wish.  Make sure you discard the white spongy bit in the middle though and squeeze out as much moisture as you can.
2.  Thinly slice the shallots
3.  Beat the egg in a cup
4.  In a separate bowl, mix the flour, bicarb, chilli flakes, parmesan, lemon and salt and pepper.  Use as much or as little of the lemon, parmesan and chilli as you want, but season well as courgettes can be a little bland.
5.  Add the courgettes and onion and mix until coated in the flour, and then add enough egg to bind everything together.
6.  Heat a pan with some oil and then add tablespoons of the batter.  Cook for 2-3 minutes and then turn over.  They should be golden brown.
7.  If you have time, pop them in the oven for a minute or two before serving.

We had black pudding with it
With mint yoghurt and green salad

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Anonymous said...

These look delicious and I'm disappointed I've only just seen it, having spent the last hour making courgette and celery soup...