Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paris - Part 5

Yesterday was our last full day in Paris. Frenchie Dog Eyes and Sam decided to explore the city again, while Jo and I thought we would get some food for a picnic and soak up some rays; Sister Sally, Georges Ham and Alexis Pig were also returning from their trip to The States so we wanted to be around for when they got back.

So after some light tidying we headed to the local Carrefour for some bits to take back for gifts and for us, and also for the picnic......this was our basket;
Baguette, 2 x rose, lapin pate for the picnic, duck pate and lapin pate to take with us, foie gras, Camembert and some other stuff.
As we were making the picnic, the family returned from holidays with a box of dunkin donuts all the way from Miami!! See pictures on the right for eating shots. We then left them to sort themselves out and we headed to the park for a couple of hours.
My picnic plate
Soon after we returned from the Park Frenchie Dog Eyes and Sam got back from a day of walking around Paris - the evidence of this is the state of Frenchie Dog Eyes heel!! Gross
As the weather was so good we decided on another bbq - canapes above
This was then followed by a second round of American delights - donuts then Crickettes!! They were actually pretty good - very crunchy!
Then snails in garlic and butter which we all enjoyed (apart from Frenchie Dog Eyes and Sam who tried but failed!)
George was in charge of the bbq and he cooked the meat....ahem....perfectly........!
We has these cheese balls which Georges Ham had brought back with in from a work trip to Brazil
We had another great meal and it was nice to spend it with the new arrivals - this is Georges Ham and Sister Sally. Our flight is at 6pm this evening so it is back to Sunny Leeds after a fantastic time eating drinking and hanging out with friends and family.

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