Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday afternoon - Liverpool

So, we have just got back from our day out in Liverpool and we are heading out for dinner soon so thought I'd get the pictures up now.....

It is Liverpool Gay Pride today so we went to the Albert Dock to check it out.  Lots of people in fantastic costumes having a great time - see the pictures!


We weren't expecting to see so much of our friends.  Say hello Paddy Poopants.

Jo and the man from "Scotland".  Unconvinced.

But he did love the Wirral.  Guess what's in here?

Joe's new squeeze.


Billy Fury

Jo and the lambanana.

The Liver Building

We also visited the Tate Gallery in the Albert Dock for the first time (shameful, I know). 

We only did the first couple of floors, but there are some very good sculpture exibitions - see the pictures below.

Jo the Borrower.

Joe and a big pile of plates.

Joe with Andy Warhol's finest.

No comment.
After Gay Pride and our dose of culture, we decided to visit a Spanish restaurant and deli for a spot of lunch. Lunya is situated in Liverpool One, and has a host of amazing deli treats - Iberico ham, smoked anchovies, chorizo...too many brilliant things for one day! 

As it was sunny, we decided to get some takeaway sandwiches and sit out doors - and although Joe's was a little pricey, they were really good.  Lunya is definitely worth a visit!


Carving the ham.  Yum.

Joe's Iberico ham sandwich.  At £5.25 it was a little pricey, but the ham was gorgeous.

Jo's chorizo, roquito peppers and rocket sandwich.  At £3.75 this was an absolute bargain, and possibly the best chorizo I have ever had.

After lunch, we went for drinks at the Hub near Liverpool One.  Tasty beers and wine and an organic Liverpool ale for just £2.90 a pint!

Shout out to Anna Duffy (our harshest critic) - lovely to see you in Liverpool! xx

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