Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Afternoon Stark Brooks BBQ Special

This afternoon Joe and I attended a Stark Brooks barbeque at his Managing Director Sally's house in Cheshire.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and ate some tasty barbeque foods, which put ours to shame!  We were treated to steak, spicy sausages, minted lamb burgers, marinated chicken, salmon and prawns, as well as masses of sides.  I think the biggest thumbs up went to the minted lamb burgers, which tasted awesome. 
Barbeque yumminess
Joe's plate, including minted lamb, sausages and chicken - fatty!
A very well stocked booze table - always good!
Some of Joe's work colleagues and partners - that is quite the stare Soraya!
DLT enjoying a chilli hotdog.
Sally MD - thanks for the barbeque! (and to Gron who managed to avoid the pictures!)
There were also some pretty fab desserts - a lemon cheesecake and a black forest chocolate cake.  As usual, Joe and I were a bit hasty in the munching and took the photos half way through.

Lobster Mike eating an entire slice of cheesecake cake in one go - quite a skill!
Work Mike and Soraya - what is he looking at??

Crazy Joe went for another 10k run when we got back to Leeds and had the below for dinner - a smoothie with chocolate protein shake, milk, Wirral blackberries, peanut butter and half a banana - Yuck!!!!

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