Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday night - Fail!

Joe has gone to the cinema tonight with Hunter Pig, and I have just returned home after a very long day so tonight's dinner is undeniably pathetic!  I took inspiration from the treats Joe makes when he doesn't have much time and had fish fingers and a salad.  I'm at least going to tenuously claim that the salad is a salad tartare, as it has capers and gherkins in it!

Fish finger and salad treats - poor effort!

I was also meant to be making a carrot cake for work tomorrow, but it's too late for all that nonsense, so that now has to wait until tomorrow - sorry work people!

Also posting a thank you to Dog Eyes and Sam who spent a few days in Padstow last week and brought us back some yummy olives from Rick Stein's seafood restaurant.  Their trip sounded fab and they gave the seafood restaurant a big thumbs up.

I thought at first they were fishy olives, which sounded a bit weird! But you can sleep easy, they are just in lemon and garlic. Phew!

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