Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thursday - Joe cooking again!!

On Sunday our oven went pop and we are still waiting to have it fixed (should be on Saturday). That, plus the fact that Jo was work late again led to mild panic - no oven and only vegetables in the fridge!! Where is Jo when I need her!!?

I decided the best plan of action was to go to the Co-op; I had an unhealthy days food today which included toast with peanut butter and Jam x 2, ham and cheese on white rolls x 2, pork pie x 1 from J&M Rowlands (good but not quite as good as Wilsons) and way too much Soreen (don't ask)

I needed something healthy-ish. After much deliberation (I have a supermarket habit of repeatedly picking stuff up and putting it back - weird I know), I decided on having a warm chicken and potato salad and very nice it was too - this was followed by more Soreen. 

The chicken
The cheese
The salad
The potatoes
Other stuff
Salad shot one
Salad shot two
Thursday liquor - rock on

At 9pm I went to pick up Jo from Nation of Shopkeepers where she was having a post work drink, and she had the same dinner as me.....let's hope things get back to normal next week!

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