Saturday, 1 October 2011

Friday Night Takeaway from Pinche Pinche

After a very long week, Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton came to my rescue on Friday night.  After finally leaving the office at 10.15 (don't ask...!) I stopped by for some takeaway.

Pinche Pinche is a relatively new Mexican restaurant in Chapel Allerton that we had heard good things about.  The menu doesn't have heaps of variety but when I dashed in last night at 10.30 the atmosphere was really fun and I was pretty disappointed to be going home!

Anyways, after requesting some recommendations we were advised that the burritos were best for takeaway as they travel the best.  My choices were a chicken tinga and a pork chorizo burrito.  Although the menu says that you get a choice of salsas, in reality I was asked how hot I wanted my food, and then they recommended the best salsa.  One came with habanero salsa which was seriously hot but really tasty, and one with the salsa one stage down, which was much much milder.  The chicken burrito with the habanero salso was brilliant, the chorizo a left a little in the shade (and they left the skin on the chorizo which didn't go down to well with Joe!).

We also went for starters of guacamole with tortilla chips and chile rellanos (breaded jalapenos filled with cheese), both of which were pretty good.

All in, the prices for takeaway are not much lower than the restaurant (10%) and it looked a little disappointing for £23, but the burritos were so filling I was deceived and is reasonable value.

I definitely want to go and try the restaurant now and I don't think that take-away gives 100% justice to the food - dining is looks perfect Friday night and sharing some food and drinks (and I also noticed what looked like an awesome tequila and mezcal shelf in the bar which I need to try!)

Chile Rellanos
Chilli and sour cream dips with the jalapenos
Chicken tinga burrito
The untouched burrito - deceptively filling!
The two burrito types and dips

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Stuart Leyland said...

Pinche Pinche, was, until fairly recently, called Salsa Mexicana but rebranded itself. I've been a few times to the restaurant and it's really, really good. The atmosphere, as you said, is great and the food is brilliant. It's one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds without a doubt and now I've got a massive craving to go back after reading your blog post!