Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday Night in a rush!

Today I had a plan of making baked potatoes, lovingly cooked over an hour or so while I went for a run and did some packing for our weekend on the laid plans eh?  I ended up going for drinks to celebrate some of my friends qualifying, while Joe welcomed new boy James to his office.  We got home at about twenty to nine and baked potatoes were beyond me!

This weekend I had spotted some Jamie Oliver branded fishcakes in the supermarket and was intrigued.  They are Youngs fishcakes with Jamie Oliver branding.  I didn't think companies like Youngs had the same focus on sustainability and so on that Jamie Oliver has been pushing for, but these are pollack fishcakes.  I thought I'd give them a whirl, and to be honest they weren't the best fishcakes (although not the worst either) but at least it's a forward step in using different kinds of fish in mass production.

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