Sunday, 11 September 2011

Saturday - Shooting, Pork Pies, Halloumi Salad & 40th Birthdays

Our generous and lovely mum (click to blog here) bought me and my bro (Dave Pilla) bought us a afternoon clay pigeon shooting at Coniston Hotel, which was a first for both of us. It was brilliant, but not something that I would so again as Dave is much better than me, and I hate to be beaten by him. He won 22 - 17.

Me with my special eye thing (I have funny vision according to Jim the instructor) and fetching ear plugs
Dave doing his shooting thing
The brothers Rees with out great instructor Jim

Joe's scorecard - 17 - I was cheated
Dave's score card - 22 - he cheated ;o)
On the way home we stopped at Lishman's in Ilkley for a pork pie each - it was very good and possibly the best so far.
For dinner, we had halloumi salad for the first time, and it's something we would definitely have again.

Then, it was out into Chapel Allerton for a good friends 40th birthday celebrations. Wolf's day had started at 9am with the rugby and he and the hardcore didn't meet us until 7.30pm! - it had been quite the session that was still going when we left for home at 11pm.

Joe and Jim
Here is a picture of the man in question - happy birthday Robin!!

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