Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday - Autumn Foods & Figs for Pudding - and a Birthday!

It's Joe's sister Sally's birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY!!!!!!

Birthday Girl Sally with me and Joe at Sacre Coeur
Joe also dragged me out for a run after getting home from work.  It poured with rain and was really dark (although Joe was sporting a rather fetching head torch!)

I got through it thinking of dinner - roasted root veg and chorizo - cooking in the oven.  Yum.  And topped with a poached egg for me and a fried egg for Joe.  Although it did start Joe's query on twitter - what is the right way to pronounce chorizo?! 
Roasted roots, chorizo and a poached egg
Dessert - baked figs with honey, yogurt and shortbread crumbs

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