Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day!!

So, I know I have missed out Christmas Day but I am going to come back to it as I have lots of photos to sort through and I want to make it a good one! We are now in Edinburgh at Jo's folks enjoying wine and nibbles, so thought it would be a good time to do yesterday - Boxing Day!

It has been a family tradition for many a year that Mum does the hosting with some of the Christmas Eve crew in attendance plus Nana Rose and Grandad. Usually Auntie Vera and Uncle Rao also come along, but this year they have been a little unwell. Get well soon and we hope to see you in 2012!!

Me and Nana Rose
Grandad and Auntie Carmel
Mum as ever did us all proud with the brilliant food that she made and I will never understand how she does it (her kitchen isn't huge!).....we had lamb, pork (made by Carmel with great crackling) as well as the best roast potatoes, chipolatas and a load of vegetables to boot!! Good skills Mum and thanks for a great Christmas xx
Carmel's pork
Roast lamb
The Boxing Day table in full swing
Later in the day, Jo and I headed to Shereef and Steph's to spend the rest of the evening with nibbles and shit tv!.....well, we had nibbles as Shereef microwaved his left overs and we ate lovely cheese with home made chutneys - thanks Dennis and thanks (as ever) to S&S for having us x

Shereef and his dinner
Cheese and Chutney

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