Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tuesday 27th December - Edinburgh!!!

On Tuesday we escaped the Wirral madness to what we hoped would be a slightly calmer Edinburgh.  Having decided to take the train rather than drive after our eventful holiday driving last year, we made the short journey back to Leeds and then hopped on the train.  Unfortunately (but rather entertainingly so) the train was also full of very early revellers heading to Glasgow for the hogmanay celebrations - fair play, only 5 days to go until new year!  I don't think I've ever seen vodka being swigged from a bottle, followed by a swig of coke - it looked fairly rancid.  We managed to have a very quick catch up with my Uncle John and Cousin Rosie, who collected us at the station, and spent the afternoon playing with Baby Tom and drinking all of mum's wine! 

It's lovely to be back in the 'Burgh for a few days between Christmas and new year, catching up with family and spending some time sightseeing.  We're also making the most of scoffing some of my mum's food, and were treated to some very tasty monkfish with roasted vegetables and chorizo - looks like my mum and I have similar cooking tastes! She also stuffed us further with a very nice apple and dried fruits crumble - thanks mum!

monkfish tails with vegetables and chorizo
Monkfish and potatoes - yum
Apple crumble
crumble with cream - dessert of champions

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