Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Turkey Milanese with home made potato wedges

So, I knew Jo was out for a few post work drinks this evening so I had been thinking about what dinner delights I could have without the healthy police in the building (only kidding PC Barcroft ;o)).

What would I have? Take away pizza? Fish and Chips? Charcos Chicken!!? With payday not until tomorrow I had to make it myself but it had to be fried!!....I decided on Turkey Milanese (escalopes) with home made potato wedges and a side salad.....the turkey was shallow fried in a small amount of rapeseed oil so not as bad for me as I was hoping!

Also, I have two confessions that are a result of this blog;
a - because some breadcrumbs fell off the first plate I used and made it look unsightly I changed for a clean one.
b - the plate shows one piece of turkey and I actually had 2 - Fatty Joe!!
Clean plate with one escalope - the poor lighting makes the chips look burnt but they weren't!

Ketchup I bought on a whim - nothing special!

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