Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saturday Quick Eats and Carly's Wedding

On Saturday my lovely friend Carly (was Hancock, now Crossley) got married.  Sophie and I went to her ceremony in Cookridge, which was absolutely beautiful.  Carly made a stunning bride and her new husband, Adam, is a very lucky boy!

I brought Joe along to the evening reception at the Kyte Hotel, where we danced to many classics, including Meatloaf, Grease and Tom Jones - who wouldn't want to do that?! Everyone seemed to have a brilliant time and we wish many congratulations to Carly and Adam for their big day.

Food at home was a quick Pizza Express Sloppy Guiseppe - straight out of the oven and munched down - the perfect lining for an evening of drinks and dancing.

Blushing bride, husband and bridesmaids
Sloppy Guiseppe...mmmm..........

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