Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Steak and Ale Pudding

Joe has long been telling me about his fond memories of steak and kidney pudding as a child.  I can't recall having ever eaten it before - I'm not a huge fan of kidneys and I don't think my mother was ever into cooking with suet.  After some serious hinting falling on my deaf ears, Joe decided to take the bull by the horns and try making it for himself - although it was sans the kidney and a steak and ale version instead.

He did everything from scratch - the suet pastry, the steak and ale filling, and steamed it for hours in the slow cooker.  The end result was pretty impressive - it looks a little flat as the bowl was a bit large (damaged by gravity following the up turn) but everything was really quite tasty.  I may have even been converted to a pudding eater so well done Joe!
Steak and ale pudding
Steak and ale pudding - a close up with broccoli

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