Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday - Chicken and Leek Pie with a Puff Pastry Lid

Today has been a nice and relaxing Sunday, as they should fact looking at my legs it seems I have been in my pj's all day!! (I have had a bath though with alot of Radox to help my aching muscles!).

We get married in September, and although some of the basics are in place, there is still alot to do. Today we made a good start on finalising guest lists, invites and photographers - I have also decided on the stag which needs some significant organising too!

In the week I bought a free range corn fed chicken, and although it was relatively expensive, it was really tasty and has supplied us with 2 big meals and our lunches for 3 days. One of the meals was tonight's chicken and leek pie with had a very impressive puff pastry lid and we finished it all! Fatties.

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