Saturday, 14 January 2012

Thursday - Fat club and baked potatoes

Joe has stepped up his marathon training since the start of the year, and has decided the key to doing a good time is working on his "core strength".  So on Thursday this week he dragged me along to a circuits class.  I'm not sure I've ever done one before, and I'm hoping the memory of the horror of this one will have eased by the time it comes around next week again!  Shuttle runs, sit ups, press ups, weights, step ups........I was definitely using muscles I didn't know I had! 

On the plus side, we returned home to baked potatoes in the oven, which by that time were perfectly cooked!  I do think I make a pretty awesome baked potato - crispy skin and fluffy inside.  Joe had his with the classic butter and cheese, while I went for prawns and salad.  Really yummy!

Baked potato with butter and cheese
Baked potato with prawns and salad

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