Monday, 23 January 2012

Sunday - Spruced Up Left Overs and Cous Cous

Sunday was a pretty lazy day....ok, I went for a run but the wind defeated me before I made it round the 13.1 miles - there are a few months yet to the marathon so no biggie!!

We are Liverpool Football Club supporters - me since birth and Jo since she fell in love with a young Michael Owen! I am very lucky that Jo is an active football supporter,  and I get away with watching more football at home than most I know. In fact a lot of the time she has more of an idea of the upcoming matches than I do and she a particularly a fan the big clashes!

As is a cross that the modern LFC fan has to bear, we beat the big teams and lose to the so called smaller ones. On Saturday we lost 3-1 to Bolton who are bottom of the league - horrific! Historically I have had a very poor betting record on football matches, and I put that down to the fact that I usually put a couple of quid on LFC to win and they usually let me down......I have never bet on Manchester United out of principle.

On Sunday (I am a little ashamed to admit) this changed as I took a commercial view and bet on both the Manchester clubs to win on Sunday with Jo splitting the stake with me. I felt a little dirty when I cheered when United scored the winner but we won!!! Not a huge amount but enough for us to top the wine rack with a few nice bottles......please don't judge me!!

Dinner was very good, with the left over chicken stew from mid week spruced up and served with cous cous which is one of my favourite foods at the moment.

Chicken and cous cous
For dessert, Jo used some of the mincemeat left over from Christmas and put in a filo parcel with some stilton on top - wow!!
Sort of mince pie

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