Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday - Circuits and Chicken

I REALLY couldn't be bothered, but I attended by first ever fitness class today - circuits! I had no idea what I expect but it was actually pretty good and I am glad I went. With the marathon looming ever closer, it seems that I need to strengthen my 'core' - ie/ abs and stuff. A quick look at my belly will show that I eat well, so I'll never be ripped but that has never bothered me - I just want to get round 26 miles in one piece.

So I'll be going again next week, and I'll be doing my best to convince Jo to come with me. I am sure she will blog about her thoughts in due course!

She has a pretty bad cold at the moment - poor little lamb! But I will never allow the food standards to drop, so while I was out getting sweaty, Jo slaved in the kitchen making a deliciously moist roast chicken with braised vegetables in a sherry sauce and roast is also our 3rd consecutive day off the booze, not a record for us yet but it's getting there!

The chicken. Leftovers for lunch!
Vegetables in a sherry sauce
Roast potatoes
All the good stuff

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