Monday, 19 March 2012

Rosie's Pop Up Restaurant for the Snow Camp Charity

Rather than our normal post for Friday, my rather talented cousin Rosie asked if she could do a post on her pop up restaurant raising money for the Snow Camp Charity.  Well, anything for charity and we gladly oblige.  In fact, it has inspired Joe to attempt a similar thing to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and the Edinburgh Marathon...!

Over to Rosie.............

I twitched my cheek, fluttered my eyelashes and jerked my head. The After-Eight did not budge. It had melted onto my face leaving a brown smear. I had become a laughing-stock. How had I got myself into this predicament? Well... £600 for charity Snow-Camp in three months? No problem! Or so I thought. 

After taking part in the Everest Challenge (a ski-and-board-athon around the Portes du Soleil, France) in January I had £159. Two months left to raise the final £441. However, I was only going to be home for two of those weeks. I voiced my concerns at work, and a colleague of mine, Lucy, suggested a Pop-Up Restaurant. She had run one with her boyfriend, Andrew to raise money for his Talisker Whisky Challenge, a rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean. (He is now a world record holder.) 

The idea. Invite your friends to a three-course meal with plenty of alcohol. And then charge them. The date was set, the guests confirmed and the menu refined. To start, a selection of melon with Parma ham and basil. The main, lasagne, salad and garlic bread. And home-made meringues and ice cream, with strawberries, raspberries and a coulis to finish. Aside from panicking when the my many lasagnes would not fit in the oven, and going a bit mad whipping cream, the evening came without too many hitches.  

The guests started arriving around 7pm. University, school, holidays - they could definitely be described as a fruit salad, but one that worked together very well. I gave my brother, Tom, the title "cameraman" along with my Fuji. Next time I must show him how to use it! Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, or that could have been the very large quantity of wine talking. Next a quick raffle with a mixed-bag of beanies, followed by those legendary After-Eights. The evening ended with everyone shouting over a fiery game of Articulate. Who knew snakes had legs and Attila the Hun acted in Star Wars? If you are looking to raise money for charity, I would definitely recommend running a Pop-Up restaurant. Especially if you like cooking, entertaining people, and folding many napkins into the shape of fans. With the help of everyone I have now raised over £500, and I’m hoping to smash my goal at the end of the month. One tip (passed down from my Mum), there is no such thing as too much alcohol.  
Cousin Tom in a raffle hat
Mini Meringues
Starter delights
Home made coulis
Thanks to my lovely cousin Rosie (whose writing talents can be found at  We will be pilfering her idea to raise money for Joe's marathon, so watch this space for more information!

Toots Hats: (Pink one Tom is wearing)  

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