Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thursday - Primos and The Maven with Hunter Pig

Hunter Pig and I used to meet on Wednesdays for a cosy cinema trip, but in recent times we have moved to a bite to eat followed by booze - I think I prefer this arrangement. I am always on the look out for a food bargain, so on Thursday we decided to hit Primo's Gourmet Hotdogs for the Dog Pound deal - buy one full price hot dog and drink to receive another hot dog for just £1.

When we got to the Corn Exchange at 7.30ish Primos was pretty quiet, but I imagine is is quite the hub of activity in the day time. This didn't bother us one bit - the dogs were stacked high, the beer was cold and the bill really good value. 8/10.

My Picante. Bratwurst sausage topped with Primo’s chilli, Monterey Jack cheese, crispy bacon and jalapeƱos
We are cocktail fans, and after some aimless wandering up and down the calls we arrived at our next destination - The Maven. This isn't too surprising as it's a well kept secret when you could walk past for months and not notice its even there....we both loved it.

It's prohibition in style, with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Ok, so what I saved on hotdogs I spent on cocktails but when they are this good I am more than happy to pay a premium.  We had three each; I can't remember the names of the first two but one of them was a spectacular! - see below....Hunter Pig and I both agreed that the third was the most delicious Amaretto Sour that we have ever tasted. If it hasn't been a school night there is no doubt that we would have spend the night propping up the bar until 4am (the weekend closing time). 10/10

Fire cocktail
Hunter in 2008....I am on the camera!

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