Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Round Up From Joe - Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Ok, Jo isn't too pleased that I am doing a round up blog but I don't care! I've had a long day and my head is frazzled and I am feeling lazy....so here it is....

On Saturday Smartie visited and we had a great day out in Leeds drinking! After meeting with Dave Bro and Mike Work we went to Aire Bar, Elbow Room, Leeds Uni (briefly), The Wrens then took in a lovely drunk dinner at Darvish which is ever was great. We then headed back to ours for drinking, chatting and dancing until the early hours - I went to bed at one-ish and left Dave and Smartie setting the world to rights and getting through my whisky!

Dave Bro
Darvish delights
If you read the blog you will know that Jo was in Edinburgh, and I was looking forward for her getting back. I was expecting to have a big hangover, but for once I didn't and I put it down to not smoking when drinking. I am very much a part-time smoker, but saturday was the first time for as long as I remember that I haven't had a cigarette or five when out on the lash. Smartie and I agreed that we wouldn't smoke and neither of us did - great success and long may it continue....

For dinner Jo made fish pie with a puff pastry lid - is this controversial?? I get the impression most have mash on top but the pie goes a little mushy for us!!

Fish pie
Dinner yesterday was bolognese that had been in the freezer for a month or so....rather than pasta, Jo wanted to have it with rice as she had a sore throat. I thought that was a little strange but who an I  to argue with the chef!
Bolognese and rice

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