Sunday, 8 April 2012

Friday - A Day Trip to York

After our excessive merriment at The Deer Park, I woke with a banging head-ache, and Jo woke up with a banging head-ache plus a return of the dreaded virus. But after a shower and an hour or so to get my head back together it was on to the next bank holiday plan - a few hours drinking in York with our buddies but had to leave Jo sleeping on the sofa.

So after a quick run around Cornucopia, I met the Wolf at Leeds Station to hook up with the others at the York Tap which is at York train station.

After The York Tap, we headed to The Maltings (great), Ye Olde Starre Inne (terrible but ended up here as Trembling Mad was one in one out!), Pvimi (great) then The Last Drop (good) before I headed back at 7ish to see how Jo was doing - Oh, I forgot to mention that I demolished a battered fish in York before picking up a pizza on the way home....fat b@stard!!!

The Maltings
The Wolf
Mike and Terri
Work Mike and Soraya
A self portrait
Good history but crap pub
The Last Drop
My starter before pizza

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Anonymous said...

Your photography skills leave a lot to be desired mate! Good day though.