Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday - Our first naked dinner night

Ok, so I have fished you into this one! I have no idea how many different people visit our blog but it seems like there are a few of you.....

This is the only begging blog I am going to write, but I need sponsorship for my running the Edinburgh Marathon in May so please help!

For the last month I have hardly done any running at all as I seem to constantly be picking up the injuries and I have to be really careful if I want to get around the full 26.2 miles in one piece! My target time in 3hr's 45 mins, but as this is my first marathon, I am hardly training and I have only been running for a year after over 10 years of doing jack all exercise it's seems unlikely that I'll do it but I want to aim high!!

I have committed £550 to Breast Cancer care and I don't to let them down, so even if you can spare only a single pound please donate here.

Thanks people!! Joe x

PS. If you sponsor me £50 I can provide pictures of me eating dinner naked if that's what it really takes.

PPS. Here is dinner for the past 2 nights;



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