Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wednesday - Quick Pasta and Mum Update

Wednesday's cooking was down to me....I was expecting Jo to be home by the time I got back from my run home - but she wasn't as she had to work late. So by the time she got back I had managed to cobble together vegetable pasta with a tomato sauce which was actually quite nice - go me!

Quite nice pasta

In more important news, Mum is in good spirits and is waiting to have the date for her chemo to start. We are hoping that it will be a week next Monday as she is quite rightly keen to get things moving - Brother Dave was home with her on Wednesday and below is a picture of them both....obviously it is not as nice as the one of me and Mum from a week or so ago, as I sure you can see he is the ugly duckling of the family.

Mum and Dave

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