Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday Night Stew & Oyster

On Thursday night Joe and I attended the launch of Stew & Oyster.  I've been quite excited about the opening of this bar for a while - it's the new outpost of Calls Landing in Leeds city centre which for a few years was our favourite local bar.  Since moving to Roundhay the choice of cool local bars has definitely minimised and its about time a relaxed, friendly bar opened in this neck of the woods.

This is just a short post tonight to say that Stew & Oyster is definitely worth a visit - it's stripped back, laid back, with a great range of interesting beers and tasty wines.  There is a fixed menu of their favourite stews and honorary stews (think mushrooms on toast, croque monsieurs etc) and platters including a very tasty looking pork pie option from Wilsons Butchers, as well as changing specials.  On top of this, they do fresh oysters sold either individually, in threes, sixes or a dozen and with champagne or ale.  One of my bank holiday treats is definitely going to be an oyster or two.

So we will be back over the bank holiday weekend, but for anyone looking for somewhere fun to go in the meantime, try Stew & Oyster.

Oh, and as well as tasting some of the stew (very good) we also had a black pudding, new potato and poached egg salad when we got home!  The black pudding is hidden in the picture but it was a very tasty meal coming out of nowhere (I'll thank my two glasses of wine at S&O for that!)

Stew & Oyster's own beer
Our home time drinks...whisky and chambord.  Eek.
Black pudding, new potato and poached egg salad

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verzekering said...

Stew & Oyster is definitely worth a visit - it's stripped back, laid back......waiting for more updates.