Monday, 21 May 2012

A round up of the past few days

I was home from Saturday through to tomorrow to with with her through her 2nd session at Clatterbridge which took place today. Ok, it's a pretty poor reason to be home but I do enjoy hanging out with Mum and seeing friends and family who are based on the Wirral. Obviously I miss Jo, but I am lucky to have the best fiancee who understands the reasons why I need to be here and she supports me 100% - thanks biscuits!!x

Anyway, here is a whistle stop tour of the last few days;

On Friday after work, Jo and I stopped for a post work drink and a couple of Oysters at Stew and Oyster - our new favourite venue in Leeds.

On Saturday I left Jo to head home and after a few hours with Mum I joined Smartie, Al and Jess to sample wedding wines with the Champions League final in the background (which I hardly saw any of which I was pleased with)......Al and Jess get married in July and we are really looking forward to being with them on their big day.

Al and Jess
Joe and Smartie
Sunday started with a hangover after getting through all the wine from the night before. Yuck. I managed to drag myself out for a run, then to a game of snooker with Unc the Punk, followed being dragged out onto Caldy Hill by Mum - she has more energy than me!! The day was rounded off by a stir fry cooked by my fair hand and a nice relaxing night in for us.
Mum on Caldy Hill
Today started with blood checks at Clatterbridge for Mum and an all day chemo session. I managed to sneak away to go and visit an old friend of mine, Andy Pimbley at Claremont Farm. It's a brilliant farm with loads going on, but best of all loads of exciting plans for the future. Andy has really taken the bull by the horns and I have no doubt that he will build on the current successes.  Good work pal! After a difficult few months with the weather, the Asparagus has come out to play at last and he was kind enough to give me some to sample. I also bought a few other bits in the well stocked and good value farm shop. I'll be back soon as Jo really wants to visit too.

Mr Asparagus
Some asparagus bounty
The asparagus was put to work this evening at the Hosnys - after a difficult day I couldn't think of a better place to be to raise the spirits with good food, a couple of drinks, laughs and even a bit of dancing thrown in....our second home.

Pimbley asparagus, salmon and new potatoes
Pastilla all the way from Libiya
Barbara's lemon cake and Mollie's chocolate and Hazelnut ice cream
Here are more photos from this evening (non of Mummy Hosny as she is camera shy!):

Raf the chef and music maestro
Mummy Rees
The brothers grim
I'll be heading back to Leeds tomorrow after leaving Mum in Brother Dave's capable hands....thanks for reading!

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