Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jo's Edinburgh Birthday Weekend - Thursday and Friday

So, we hot-stepped to Jo's hometown of Edinburgh for her birthday straight after work on Thursday with a fun packed weekend planned with the in-laws from both sides! We arrived at 10.30ish and did photograph the food that awaited up, but unfortunately I deleted it by accident - no great loss though as it was a slightly burnt Sainsbury's frittata and a glass of wine (there was more wine but the half cut in-laws got through the rest!!)

On Friday morning I left Jo and her mum to shopping, while me and my mum did a quick sightseeing tour. The highlights included;
Going to Edinburgh Castle
Mum meeting Brave Heart
Me meeting this gentleman who is 91 and looking to raise 40k for charity this year
Walking down the Royal Mile
Meeting Montrose at St Giles Cathedral who had his head chopped off in 1650
Soldier on a horse

We returned to an excellent birthday lunch for Jo that included two of my favorite things.....
Chicken and ribs!!
Lovely baked salmon
Getting involved with a rib
Jo and family
 Eton mess!!
In the evening we headed into Edinburgh for a night on the cocktails and snacks!
Beetroot hummus and flat bread
Haggis spring rolls
Below are some of the cocktails that we had but I have no idea what they were called!

As we are a pair of fatties we had a midnight snack of leftover chicken sandwiches - ace treats

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