Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saturday - Belated Bastille Day celebration

As inspiration/an excuse to make and eat tasty treats, we occasionally use national celebrations and on 14th July it was La Fête Nationale/Bastille Day (click here for information).  Jo is slightly in love with all things French and so was more than happy to use Bastille Day as a platform to make some tasty french treats. 
We started the day with the classic croissant and jam
While Jo planned the cooking, I strolled down to the local farmers market and returned with a bulb of smoked garlic.  I also went foraging for the first time and collected lots of rasberries from bushes that I ran past by chance earlier in the week in the local park. 
Smoked garlic
Foraged raspberries to be made into a Tartlette aux Framboise

Whilst I relaxed with the Open, Jo got busy in the kitchen and produced a 3 course french bistro menu.
La Salade de Chevre Chaud
Steak frites
Tartlette aux Framboise
Finished off with an espresso each

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