Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Special wedding menu tasting - Pork Pie Heaven

We are getting married in September 2012 and we spend A LOT of time talking about the menu - more than anything else wedding related in fact!! After recent trip to Skipton I became a pork pie convert (evangelist) after trying a pork pie from Stanforth Butchers (click here for the website) - it was awesome as Work Mike will testify! 

This got me thinking whether I could convince Jo that we we should have a round of the best pork pies I could find for the drunkards at our wedding (there will be a lot - its a mix of scousers and scots!) and I think I have managed it! Through the power of twitter I got in touch with Sarah at Brays Cottage in Norfolk whose website is www.perfectpie.co.uk - the clue is in the name. They have won loads of awards and Giles Conran from the Times said they make the most extraordinary pie I had ever known”. I had to try one!!!

Sarah posted a selection to us which arrived in the post today - oh joy!!!! This is what landed on my desk in work;
A perfectly wrapped parcel - it was like Christmas!!
These beauties were enclosed. 3 perfectly formed porkie pies. One traditional, one onion marmalade and one chorizo!
So we had 3 pork pies for 3 people to try - the extra was Work Mike who was desperate to get involved. So they were split in thirds with Jo's bits carefully wrapped to bring home with me. Here is the evidence:

Overall we were all very impressed and they are at the top of the list of 'special edition' treats for the wedding. We were all in agreement that they were indeed the best pork pies we had ever tried (our favorite was the naked one).

Thanks a lot to the guys at Brays Cottage.

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