Saturday, 23 July 2011

Friday (and some Saturday) - Joe Home Alone Burger & Chips

I returned home at 8.30pm after a few drinks with Dave Bro, leaving Jo in town on a work night out. When she is out she always assures me she will be home before 12am but this never happens. Once again I was proved correct when I heard the click clack of heels coming towards the front door at around 1.30am - I am not going to go into too much detail to save Jo's blushes but Jo woke up with a shock at 7am, fully clothed and half way down the bed; we also had a duvet each!

Anyway, back to my dinner - a beef burger from Swillington Farm, cheddar cheese and gherkins with a beetroot salad from the Co-op ( which was a bit gross).

This was actually my lunch from Town Hall Tavern - the pork pies are from Wilson's Butchers
Today we are having a greek dinner so bought these treats from a brilliant deli in Roundhay called Haley and Clifford (click here for info) in preparation. 

This bread is my by Domouchel in Garforth - I need to visit here!! We will be using this to try the olive oil that we had delivered in the week.

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