Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Sunday - Dave Pilla @ Limetree & drinks with Rich & Josh

It was an early start yesterday, with Jo and I driving Dave Pilla to his gig on the main stage at the Limetree Festival which took place near Ripon. Apparently the Friday and Saturday of the festival had been pretty poor due to constant rain, but when he took the stage at 12pm the sun was out, and everyone enjoyed his set. See four videos from his set here (definitely worth a look)

You can find his blog here, twitter here and his youtube page here.
Dave and Jo

Back to the food, we had a great tasting snack from a Tibetan stall selling momo's which are a type of dumpling - one with meat and the other with spinach. Click here for info - Jo is under strict instructions to make some at home soon!
Momo's with homemade chilli sauce
A bunch of dummies at Limetree
With the weather changing we decided to head back to Leeds for lunch, followed by a couple of drinks with a good friend of our Rich Zach and his son Josh.

Lunch - left over chilli, salad and pitta
Rich and Josh
Joe's dinner - Special K and fruit!!

And finally, this is a quick video of me trying to give Jo and piggy back across Roundhay Park yesterday evening whilst a little tipsy....

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