Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday - a rubbish food festival made up by French Onion Soup!

We have both accepted that we are now officially light-weights - last night we had a couple off beers and shared a bottle of wine at dinner, and woke up with hang-overs! In my younger days me and my friends used to have a half bottle of vodka and two cans of redbull before we even went out into Liverpool for night out!

So there was some debate on how we would spend the day, and decided on the Holmfirth Food Festival as we had agreed to see William of Corder there. As great as it was to see William of Corder, the festival wasn't worth travelling to Leeds for as it was a bit of a none event - maybe we have been spoilt with greats events before, but there really wasn't much going on. We did return with some beef stock for Jo's french onion soup and some pork belly to slow cook tomorrow so it wasn't all bad.

Joe and Will
Jo with her lunch
Home made beef stock
 Tonight's soup was really good, and a great way to show off the onions that we had delivered with our veg box on Thursday - recipe to follow tomorrow.....

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