Saturday, 10 September 2011

Friday - Making a Star of Carrots with Chicken Curry & Naan

The arrival of the veg box, has led to a slight change in our eating habits - there is no way that I would have bought cauliflower let alone put it with pasta (see yesterdays dinner here) but I did and it worked! And previously when we would have thought 'boring old carrots', now they take a more premier part of dinner - yesterday is a good example of this; we had spiced carrot fritters that had carrots, shallots, ginger, cumin, chilli, egg and flour which was mixed together, made into patties and shallow fried - yum! Carrots also got added to Jo's curry for the first time.

Spiced carrot fritters

Chicken curry (with added carrot)

For once we had no biscuits for dessert, so Jo made sweet popcorn, which satisfied our craving (by this time we had got through two bottles of wine!)


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